Client Testimonials

"I hired Forenza for The Surfeit Hybrid Novel and she was a breath of fresh air to work with. She took direction well and produced high quality audio. She asked many questions and was determined to get the character as perfect as she could. I was blessed to find someone with her work ethic and casting her was a great decision I would proudly make again."

                         -WBFreeborn, Owner & Producer of The Surfeit Hybrid Novel

"Forenza made my job easy. She understood and followed direction with precision. Forenza delivered ahead of deadline, was responsive to communication and brought a positive attitude to Black Star Chronicles. After hearing her high quality voice and read through, I wish I had cast her sooner."


                                                                         -Randy Greer, Director & Writer of Black Star

"Forenza's Makoto was top tier squirrel, she brought the spunk and funk to Makoto like no one ever has!"

                          ~Allentheultimategamer, Audio Engineer, Voice Actor Dubbing

"Forenza is a personable and incredible person to work with. She takes her creations very seriously, and puts genuine creativity and love into everything she does. I have had nothing but good experiences with her, personally and through projects. I am honored to work with her, and be friends with her as well. I would hire her in a heartbeat not only for her talent and finesse, but for her passion and her professionalism."

                           ~ J. Rudoph, Voice Actor

"Forenza ambition is something to be seen. She takes the work of my humble scripts and breaths a new caliber of life into them. No matter what hand she's dealt with, she'll grit her teeth and see it through until the end. Her drive to improve is her best aspect, taking critiques in her stride."

-Rookienova. Aspiring scriptwriter and novelist.

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